Monday, July 9, 2012

Collective Nouns

Most people probably know that in English, groups of various nouns have various collective nouns. Some people might even know this list of supernatural collective nouns

Personally, I feel that the wide field of software rightfully deserves some such nouns of its own, and have decided to start compiling (pun intended) a list of what seem like good ideas.
I hope to see some comments with nouns that should be added to the list!

A list of arrays
A thicket of if-statements
A feast of bytes
A dynasty of classes (inherited)
An incest of classes (virtually inherited) 
An oblivion of compiler warnings
An Ikea of databases
A stutter of DWORDs
A distraction of humans (fem.)
An array of lists
A murder of macros
A mess of objects
A crash of pointers
An overflow of recursive functions
A trouble of regular expressions
A spool of strings
An arrogance of templates
A knot of threads
A uncertainty of variables (esp. data members)
A landfill of variables (uninitialized)
A babble of words

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